Online Store Policies

Online Store Policies:

First and foremost, our goal is to ensure you sell as many shirts as possible. We make our recommendations and have these guidelines in place based on past experience with online sales, production, processing and distribution experience. We will always suggest the option that will work best for your specific needs.
Minimum sales: All stores must sell a minimum of 24 pieces per design to go to production. If sales don't meet the 24 piece minimum, all orders will be refund.
Maximum Store Open Days: The maximum we can run a store for is 14 days. We suggest 10 days and frequent posts or emails to remind people to purchase for the best results.
Reopening stores: We cannot reopen a store after sales close. Based on past experience, the first people who order tend to get very irritated if the store is extended by days (or weeks in some cases) to try to meet minimums. We have to stick to the original open and close dates to make sure packages are delivered on time.
Products: We can offer a maximum of 2 designs, and 3 shirt styles per design (Design 1 offers cotton tees, dri fits, and hoodies - Design 2 offers cotton tees, ringspun cotton tees and sweatshirts,etc). Based on past experience, the more design and shirt options you have, the lower your sales will be. Too many options tend to overwhelm customers and they don't order at all. If you need additional design and shirt options, we can assess these needs on a case by case basis.
Pricing: With online sales, we set a static price so we know exactly what they profit will be. Price per piece on a 3 color front only would be $11 per shirt. If we went to paper order forms and you turned the sizes into us as one order, it would be adjusted based on the total number of shirt sold. We charge $1 per shirt sold on top of the cost per shirt for processing, handling and packaging (credit card fees, supplies and labor)
Processing/Production time: We need 14 working days from the time the store closes to order stock, print, sort and package orders for distribution.
Shipping/Pickup: We have two options, we can sort your orders from pickup directly from you, or we can ship all the orders. We cannot offer both pickup and shipping as an option though, it would need to be one or the other.