Online Store Policies

Online Store Policies:

Time Length of Online Sales: Minimum 3 days - Maximum 14 days

Turnaround Time: Orders are delivered between 14 to 21 days after your online store closes, all based on stock availability. Exceptions for specific dates can be made, please contact us if you need a specific delivery/distribution date.

Order Cancellations/Changes: Orders must be canceled within 1 day of store closing. Order changes cannot be made after the store closes

Minimums: We require 24 pieces to be printed per design. Any design that does not meet the 24 piece minimum will be refunded unless prior arrangements are made.

Garment Styles and Maximum Options Offered: Our maximum number of different shirt styles/brands is 5 per store, and 2 colors per style, additional styles have a handling fee of $.50 per shirt. Stores with multiple tshirt brands/styles take more time to order, check in, print, sort/bag for distribution, and ship/distribute

Add Ons: No in-person or over the phone add ons can be made to online stores. No exceptions. In the event an order needs to be changed, the order would need to be canceled, refunded, and reordered to make changes.

Fundraising: To determine the best pricing for your sales, we will let you know what our cost for finished products are, and you can determine how much you would like your profit margin to be (your retail cost). Your profit will be based on who much you would like to add onto that cost. Total due back to your organization will be tallied and emailed to you after sales close. Please fill out this form to ensure proper payment back to your organization.

Add-on Orders/Late submissions: NO additonal orders or add-ons to orders can be made after the store closes. No manual orders can be made for an online store, all orders must go through the online store for processing.